TBNdb: A simple distributed databaseΒΆ

To Be Named database (TBNdb) is designed to be a utilitarian, easy to setup, easy to maintain distributed key/value database. Range queries on indexed columns work by default and secondary indexes will be available in a future release.

Currently a work in progress. Previously written in Python as a working proof of concept which actually performed quite well. By taking what was learned from that experiment and folding in some additional features (things not yet implemented in the previous incarnation) the goal is to create a simple to use distributed data store that performs “good enough”. This version is written in Go, not only for performance, but to support multiple platforms with a single code base producing a standalone executable with minimal (hopefully no) external dependencies.

Stand-alone executable file makes installation trivial.
A simple JSON file and a few directories. Trying to keep defaults sane.
That’s the idea anyways.


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